10U-A1 Evaluation Results

Posted by Spokane Youth Hockey on Aug 20 2019 at 10:08PM PDT

Congratulations to our 10U-A1 Team!

We’re excited to announce Terry Picicci as our 10U-A1 Head Coach!

Day, Aidan
Domarus, Carson
Edgehouse, Luke
Gagnebin, Milo
Gallagher, Joseph
Knowles, Logan
Ligouri, Domenic
Lochten, Tucker
Ota, Akira
Padilla, Wesley
Palanio, Preston
Picicci, Hudson
Stoltz, Colton
Stoltz, Gage
Tate, Brydon

We’re looking forward to another awesome year of skill, character, and community development! Our A2 tryouts start tonight. We will be creating two A2 teams and announcing goalies on Thursday, August 22nd, by 11 PM.

Go Jr. Chiefs Go!